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Ningxia Hongyuan Huida  Industrial Co., Ltd(NINGXIA HYHD INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD). is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development and sales of carbon and graphite products, metallurgical and ferrous metal products.

Our company has passed multiple system certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE. Our company won the honorary title of "Excellent Supplier of Government
in 2019.

The company is established in Shizuishan, Ningxia, which is the world-famous "Taixi Anthracite" production base.
Our company's main production and sales: graphite carburizing agent, graphite electrode,activated carbon, electric furnace carbon block, graphite products and environmentally friendly cold ramming paste series, sales of silicon-manganese alloy, silicon metal, ferrosilicon ferrous metal products .

Our products sell well all over the world, and we have established stable and good credit cooperation relations with many domestic and foreign enterprises. 

Our company's construction scope covers various industrial furnaces such as blast furnaces, mineral heat electric furnaces, lime kiln (sleeve, rotary furnace), etc.
In recent years, the excellent rate of kiln projects undertaken by our company has reached more than 95%, and the acceptance rate of one-time engineering acceptance is 100%.

New projects of our company: comprehensive utilization of solid wastes, capable of processing 600,000 tons of solid wastes (silicon-manganese slag, fly ash, coal gangue) annually, turning waste into treasures to produce and use for various road, water conservancy, also the municipal bricks and microcrystal Glass plate. 

Our Certificate:

Company system  certificate for Quality management, Enviroment management and the occupational health and safety management 
Please download complete file(Chinese and English version) from

Quality management system of Ningxia Hongyuan Huida Industrial Co.,Ltd

Enviroment management system of Ningxia Hongyuan Huida Industrial Co.,Ltd.

The occupational health and safety management system of Ningxia Hongyuan Huida Industrial Co.,Ltd

CE Certificate for Carburizing agent. Please download complete file from

Certificate for GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT EXCELLENT SUPPLIER,  Please download it from
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